Large Molecule Development and Small Molecule Development

Preclinical GPS—Preclinical Consulting

We design and implement preclinical and CMC programs for virtual biotech to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies.

We manage the preclinical science and execution so that clients can focus on running their companies.

Preclinical GPS provides the highest quality scientific and project management expertise to develop your novel drugs from concept to successful clinical products. For our clients, virtual biotech to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies, we create drug development strategies (what to do and when – and what not to do) followed by implementation of those plans. Robust project management ensures on-time/on-budget delivery of your programs.

Preclinical GPS works with new and existing biotech clients, venture companies and investors to provide expert guidance and support for drug discovery and preclinical development programs. We provide individual experts to support your team, or we can build an entire team of consultants to support your program. We completed over 27 IND programs and 15 Phase 2 programs. Preclinical GPS manages 2 to 4 INDs and Phase 2 programs each year, and supports multiple other programs in early stages of drug development.

Preclinical GPS is now proudly supporting Advancing Drugs LLC. More information at

Peter Korytko, PhD, MBA

Peter Korytko, PhD, MBA
President, Preclinical GPS